The Steinerne Brücke is one of Regensburg's oldest land-marks.

The Brückturm (bridge tower-) Museum was set up in the year 2000 and is said to be the smallest Museum in Regensburg.

The Bridge Arch and the Bridge Tower are part of the city expansion at about 1320.

In former times the Steinerne Brücke had three such towers, one each at the north and south end of the bridge as well as one in the center, out of which today only the southern one still exists.

Inside the museum you will find evidence and documentation concerning the construction period of the “Steinerne Brücke”, beginning in 1146.

Furthermore there still is the origin clockwork of the tower clock, which on the 22nd. July 1652 at 03.00 p.m. did its first stroke, enthusiastically watched and applauded by a huge crowd of people.

The tower guard had his residence straight up, right under the roof, consisting of two small rooms and a kitchen. From there one has a fabulous view over the historical city of Regensburg as well as across the Danube and the Steinerne Brücke.

Blick nach Süden über die Dächer auf die Altstadt

Blick nach Norden über die Steinerne Brücke auf Stadtamhof

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Thundorfer Straße
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